Meet the Faces Behind PPJoe Pop Protectors

Meet the Faces Behind PPJoe Pop Protectors

The Genesis of PPJoe: A Tale of Friendship and Passion

At the heart of PPJoe Pop Protectors lies a story of two visionaries - Joseph and John. Their friendship, spanning over two decades, blossomed into a venture that has now become synonymous with quality and innovation in the collectibles protection market. It's not just a business; it's a testament to shared dreams and a passion for collectibles.

Joseph: The Collectibles Maestro

Joseph, a stalwart in the UK collectibles scene, had an innate desire to cater to a larger audience. His vast experience and deep-rooted love for collectibles were the driving forces behind the inception of PPJoe Pop Protectors. His vision? To design a protector that stands the test of time while enhancing the visual appeal of the collectibles.

John: The IT and Business Maverick

Complementing Joseph's creative genius is John, armed with prowess in IT and business. While his journey into the world of collectibles began more recently, his commitment is unwavering. John brought to the table a fresh perspective, ensuring that PPJoe's offerings were not just top-quality but also tech-savvy.

Crafted By Collectors, For Collectors

Understanding the psyche of a collector is paramount. And who better to grasp this than collectors themselves? Every PPJoe Pop Protector is a culmination of firsthand experiences, ensuring they cater to real-world needs. The emphasis? Clarity that does justice to the collectible and robustness that promises longevity. The unique stackable design further amplifies the display aesthetics, a feature we swear by for our personal collections.

Collaborations: The Road to Collective Success

In the journey of growth, collaboration plays a pivotal role. We, at PPJoe, cherish the partnerships we forge with retailers, both in brick-and-mortar stores and the digital realm. Our protectors offer more than just protection; they promise an edge over competitors. Interested in joining hands? Our doors are always open for synergistic collaborations.

PPJoe Collectors Community: A Brotherhood of Enthusiasts

Beyond products, PPJoe is a community. A space where collectors converge, share, and celebrate their passion. We take immense pride in the testimonials of our satisfied clientele and continually strive to enlarge our community. We invite you to experience the PPJoe difference and be part of our ever-growing family.

Feedback Fuels Us

Perfection is a journey, and feedback is our compass. We value what our customers have to say – be it accolades or areas of enhancement. Our endeavor? To make your association with PPJoe nothing short of exceptional. From product queries to a simple chat about the latest in collectibles, our channels are always open.

Reaching Out to PPJoe

Situated at the heart of Cumbria, our establishment, Flashback Toys Ltd. T/A PPJoe, is more than just a business address. It's where ideas are born, prototypes are developed, and quality is assured. Feel free to drop by at Unit 33, Lillyhall Business Centre, Jubilee Road, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 4HA. Or reach out to us online – our digital presence is as robust as our protectors.


The world of collectibles is vast, but with PPJoe Pop Protectors, your treasures are always in safe hands. Our journey, fueled by passion and commitment, has one aim – to offer unparalleled protection for your invaluable collectibles. When you choose PPJoe, you're not just choosing a protector; you're choosing a legacy of quality and trust.


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