Funko Beyond Pops: Exploring Funko's Other Collectibles

Funko Beyond Pops: Exploring Funko's Other Collectibles

Funko, a name synonymous with the iconic Pop! vinyl figures, has captivated collectors worldwide. However, while the Pop! series is undeniably their flagship, Funko's repertoire extends far beyond these beloved bobbleheads. In this exploration, we delve deep into the lesser-known treasures of Funko's vast collection.

The Legacy of Funko: A Brief Overview

Established in 1998, Funko's journey began with the Big Boy Bobblehead. This initial success paved the way for a diverse range of collectibles, each with its unique charm and appeal.

Funko's Vinyl Line: More Than Just Pops!

While Pop! figures dominate the market, Funko's vinyl line is rich and varied:

  • Funko Vinyl Soda: A relatively new addition, these come in sleek soda can packaging. Each can houses a vinyl figure and a collectible disc. Limited editions even feature chase variants, making them a collector's dream.

  • Dorbz: With their round, smiling faces, Dorbz are a delightful alternative to Pops!. Their compact size and unique designs make them a favorite among many.

  • Rock Candy: Celebrating powerful women from pop culture, the Rock Candy line boasts detailed figures that are a testament to Funko's craftsmanship.

Funko's Plush Series: Soft, Cuddly, and Collectible

Moving away from vinyl, Funko's plush series offers something for everyone:

  • Mopeez: These are not your average plush toys. Mopeez are characterized by their slouched posture, capturing iconic characters in their gloomier moments.

  • SuperCute Plushies: As the name suggests, these are irresistibly cute. From Disney princesses to popular TV show characters, SuperCute Plushies are a hit among fans of all ages.

Funko's Board Games: Play and Collect

Funko's foray into board games has been nothing short of spectacular:

  • Funkoverse: Combining strategy with beloved characters, Funkoverse offers a unique gaming experience. With multiple expansion packs available, players can mix and match their favorite universes.

Funko's Apparel Line: Wear Your Fandom

For those who wish to wear their love for Funko on their sleeves, literally:

  • Pop! Tees: These t-shirts feature iconic Pop! designs, allowing fans to showcase their favorite characters in style.

  • Loungefly: A subsidiary of Funko, Loungefly produces high-quality bags, wallets, and accessories, all adorned with popular pop culture icons.

Funko's Home and Accessories: Everyday Items with a Funko Twist

From mugs to pens, Funko ensures fans can incorporate their passion into daily life:

  • Pop! Home: This line includes mugs, salt and pepper shakers, and more, all designed with the signature Pop! aesthetic.

  • Pop! Pens: Why use a regular pen when you can have one topped with a mini Pop! figure?

Conclusion: The Expansive World of Funko Collectibles

While the Pop! series remains a cornerstone of Funko's success, it's evident that the company's offerings are vast and varied. From vinyl figures to plush toys, board games to apparel, Funko continues to innovate, ensuring that collectors and fans always have something new to look forward to. As we've explored, Funko's world extends far beyond Pops!, and it's a world worth diving into.


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