PPJoe Pop Protectors 4" St. Valentines, 0.45mm Thickness, Funko Vinyl Protection [5 Pack]

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Protect your beloved Funko POP collection with PPJoe Pop Protectors 4" St. Valentines, 0.45mm Thickness [5 Pack]! These protectors are designed to fit all standard 4" Funko POPs, measuring 16.2h x 11.8w x 9.2d (cm) or 6.37h x 4.64w x 3.62d (inch), and offer superior protection from knocks, falls, and dust.

Our protectors are made from extra strong recyclable plastic, so you can stack them without worrying about crushing your POP's presentation box. Each protector is individually wrapped with an easy-to-peel protective film to prevent scratching during transit and before display.

But what really sets our pop protectors apart from the competition is our innovative D-Lock tab, which locks the rear of the protector to the top to prevent dust from entering your POP. And with an auto-closing design at the bottom, these protectors keep your POPs flat and in shape.

Did you know that Funko POPs are the fastest-growing collectibles in the world? With PPJoe Pop Protectors, you can keep your collection in pristine condition, ready to impress your friends and family. Whether you're a serious collector or just starting out, these protectors are an essential investment for any Funko POP enthusiast.

Imagine proudly displaying your favorite POP without worrying about it getting damaged or dusty. Or, picture yourself transporting your collection to a comic convention or trade show without the fear of it getting knocked around in transit. With PPJoe Pop Protectors, you can make those scenarios a reality.