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This Special Edition Ozzy Funko Pop! Vinyl comes in a Free PPJoe Musical Sleeve and Pop Protector. He measures approximately 3-3/4 inches tall.

Bark at the Moon was the first studio album Ozzy released without lead guitarist Randy Rhoads, who died in a plane crash the year before while the band was touring in Florida. Jake E. Lee took over on guitar.  

Lee and bass player Bob Daisley wrote the song with Ozzy, but weren't credited as part of an agreement they made with Osbourne's record company. The album lists Ozzy as the solo composer of all the songs, which is far from true.

This song is about a werewolf who comes back from the dead and seeks revenge. Horror archetypes are a consistent source of lyrical inspiration for Ozzy - his band Black Sabbath was named after a horror movie.

In the liner notes for The Ozzman Cometh, Ozzy wrote: "The title for this song actually came from a joke I used to tell where the punch line was 'eat s--t and bark at the moon.' I'd had the vocal line for this and Jake came up with the riff. It was the first song we wrote together." >>

In 1983, a 20-year-old Canadian man named James Jollimore claimed that this song compelled him to stab a woman and her two sons to death. The next year, parents of a 19-year-old American man would sue Ozzy and blame his death on "Suicide Solution," a song from Osbourne's first solo album in 1980.

In the video, Ozzy plays a mad scientist who concocts a potion that turns him into a werewolf - his werewolf transformation pre-dated Michael Jackson's in "Thriller" by about a month, but the effect had been done in the 1981 film An American Werewolf In London. Directed by Mike Mansfield, it was Ozzy's first concept video.  

According to Ozzy, it took eight hours in makeup to turn him into the beast. He says the video was filmed in an old mental hospital, and in one room they found a pickled fetus in a jar.