Unleash the Menace of Godzilla Ultima in Your Living Room with Funko's Latest Release

Funko Pop Godzilla

Immerse in the Daunting Grandeur of Godzilla Ultima

Godzilla Ultima, the menacing form from the riveting Godzilla Singular Point, has captivated audiences worldwide. Its dark, powerful incarnation has redefined Godzilla aesthetics. Now imagine that thrilling terror unleashed in your living room, shimmering in the dark. Thanks to the exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure, this is no longer a mere fantasy. We introduce the exclusive Godzilla Ultima with Heat Ray Glow-In-The-Dark (GITD) Funko Pop!, radiating mystery in the nocturnal silence.

Godzilla Ultima: An Icon Glows in the Dark

Taking the intricate design of Godzilla Ultima a notch higher, the GITD Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure plays with darkness and light, lending an edge to your Funko collection. Its meticulous detailing reflects Ultima's resplendent power, while the glow lures you towards the king of kaiju, dominating even the darkest corners of your room.

Showcase Your Love for Cinematic Glories

Owning this exclusive Funko collectable goes beyond mere possession. It's a celebration of a thrilling narrative chapter, a glowing testament to one of the most memorable Godzilla transformations. This exclusive Funko figure, with its radiant charm, can command any collector's attention, casting its spell in the dark.

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